Tradita offers cultural varieties and celebrations that provide tourists with year round activities and entertainment. Tradita is, by far, the fiercest cultural dynamic after theatre, traditional music, and ethnic folklore, by religiously paying homage to all traditional ceremonies.

The owners of Tradita have set precedent for reintroducing to city natives the cultural festivities by observing and skillfully organizing these customary celebrations. New Year celebrations commence with the image of an old man, representing the Old Year, waving his goodbyes on a horse drawn carriage, as he is accompanied by a young child representing and greeting in the New Year.

During spring, the Karnavale (resemble Mardi Gras festivities) are celebrated just seven weeks before Catholic Easter Celebration. During Karnavale, rituals are commemorated at nightfall throughout an entire week. At Tradita each night is dedicated to an assigned theme that illustrates the story of how the natives came to be in the region. Closing festivities are dedicated to the Shtriga (witches). Throughout each night, colorful eggs are used for decorations while they increase in number as story themes unfold.

The summer is welcomed with Ballakume, traditional Albanian pastry. Housewives around the city, bake Ballakume to greet the summer season with sweetness into their city and homes. Likewise, at Tradita the irresistible aroma of homemade Ballakume is, to its guests, the indicator of a charming summer vacation.

During summer season, Tradita dedicates two nights to “Patrons of Custom”, by specifically organizing a festive event to honor clientele that highly appreciates and values tradition.

Once summer passes the baton to autumn, along with falling leaves and earth tone colors, autumn ushers in its organic seasonal products. In Fall season, Tradita also honors Albanian Independence Day, which is then followed by Christmas and Ramadan, both of these celebrations allowing two religions to pay homage to their individual customs in harmony with the city’s way of life.

Tradita’s legacy is echoed through many book and art promotions, through paying homage to native contributors and philanthropists, jazz festivals, the Shkodra ensemble festivals, and many gatherings regarding tourism and cultural heritage. Tradita successfully organizes many fairs dedicated to the artisan promotion of products and food tasting of Shkodra and Albanian specialties.

Not only the regular events Tradita organize, but also private party’s. Such as weddings, birthday party’s and more.