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Welcome to Tradita Geg' & Tosk'

A beautiful hotel and restaurant located in the heart of Shkodër. Since 1694, this historic building has been a symbol of Albanian heritage and tradition.

Once the home of the renowned poet Filip Shiroka, it has now been transformed into a stunning accommodation and dining destination that celebrates the Gegs and Tosks, the two major Albanian subgroups and their unique dialects.

Authentic atmosphere

As you explore the property, you'll be transported back in time and immersed in the rich cultural history of Albania. Every corner of the hotel is adorned with traditional furniture and original Albanian-style decor, creating a truly authentic atmosphere.

Every week, live music events are organized, creating a joyful and festive atmosphere. These events often feature traditional Albanian music, providing an authentic cultural experience.


Our rooms are designed to provide maximum comfort, with amenities such as a wardrobe, seating area,  private toilette and shower and free toiletries.


Try Out The Traditional Albanian Cousine

Savor the Authentic Albanian Gastronomy

Indulge in a culinary journey at our hotel, where you'll savor authentic Albanian dishes, especially those hailing from the northern region. Each bite is a celebration of rich flavors and centuries-old traditions, promising a taste sensation unlike any other.

Taste the Heritage through Albanian Northern Delicacies

Experience the essence of Albanian gastronomy with our array of traditional northern delicacies, meticulously crafted to perfection. From savory pies filled with locally sourced ingredients to hearty meat stews simmered with aromatic spices, every dish reflects the soul of our heritage.

A Culinary Journey into Albanian Northern Cuisine

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Albanian cuisine at our hotel, where we take pride in serving delectable northern specialties bursting with flavor. From tender grilled meats to hearty bean soups infused with regional herbs, each dish is a testament to our dedication to culinary excellence and authentic taste.


Shop Our Traditional Souvenirs

Located in Shkodër, one of the oldest and most historic places in Albania, Hotel Tradita is a traditionally decorated boutique hotel. It features a locally famous restaurant and bar with a spacious terrace that serves homemade delicacies. The building is also an ethnographic and photo museum and features souvenir shops with traditional Albanian products.

Souvenirs Hotel Tradita

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