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Welcome to Hotel Tradita!

Welcome to Gheg and Tosk! Greetings from Mr. Gjon Dukë Gilaj. Gheg & Tosk is the pinnacle of Albanian traditional experience. With an authentic restaurant, bar, unmatched service, superior hotel amenities, an exclusive collection of Albanian artifacts, and a stunning hillside panoramic view, Gheg & Tosk has no equal.

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The restaurant

The restaurant prides in staying true to the Art of preparation of Albanian dishes and its meze serving style. It is its authentic approach that makes it renown from Japan to South Africa. The restaurant continually guards and perfects the craft of Ancient Albanian cuisine.

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The Hotel

The hotel was built in architectural and cultural harmony with the house. The general design, interior and exterior arrangements draw from the city’s emblematic motifs bringing about a hospitable feeling and a relaxing ambiance for the body and soul alike. Linens, rugs, and towel patterns depict the ornamental designs of traditional costumes.

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Tradita offers cultural varieties and celebrations that provide tourists with year round activities and entertainment. Tradition© is, by far, the fiercest cultural dynamic after theatre, traditional music, and ethnic folklore, by religiously paying homage to all traditional ceremonies.

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The most traditional hotel in Albania
February 23, 2018
February 24, 2018